What's Causing Your Itchy Scalp?
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A dry, flaky scalp can be caused by dry skin, dandruff, styling product buildup, or even the weather. No matter what the cause, an itchy scalp usually means embarrassing flakes.  Identify the cause of your flakes so you can treat it with the right product.


What Causes Flakes?
Your skin is continually shedding and being replaced by new skin cells.  This usually happens slowly, so you will not notice that it is happening.  Sometimes dead skin cells fall off faster than usual, and this means unsightly flakes in your hair and maybe even on your clothes.  Flakes from dry skin are small, white, and dry.  
If your flakes are caused by dandruff, they are usually bigger than 1mm and white.  You'll likely have an itchy scalp, but your skin won't be red, and your scalp will be the only area of your body that is affected.  
Using too much product on your hair can also an itchy scalp.  If you don't remove all styling products from your hair when you wash it, it can mix with dead skin cells and cause small flakes.  
For dry skin, treat your scalp with a hot oil treatment.  Olive oil is an excellent oil for your scalp and hair, or dry a DIY avocado oil treatment.  The oils will nourish your hair as well as your scalp.  Use a hot oil treatment once a week for best results.  For daily treatment, try JASON Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil.  
If dandruff is causing your itchy scalp and flakes, you'll need to treat the dandruff with a medicated shampoo like Head and Shoulders.  If that formula doesn't work, try Selsun Blue because it has a different active ingredient.  Use a medicated shampoo daily, and once a week, try a dandruff scrub.  
If your itchy scalp is caused by product buildup, try a daily clarifying shampoo to get rid of extra product.  Neutrogena Anti Residue is a great one to use because it won't dry out your hair.  You can also make your own clarifying shampoo with this easy recipe.  
Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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