4 Ways You Are Making Your Dry Skin Worse
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Dry, winter air can steal the moisture from your skin, leaving you with rough, dry patches.  While dry skin usually isn't a serious medical concern, cracks in your skin can let bacteria enter your body and cause an infection.  Here are four things you might be doing that make your dry skin worse.

Having Dry Skin Problems? Here's What You Can Do

1.  Not exfoliating

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.  If you don't remove them, they can prevent moisturizers and lotions from reaching your skin.  Exfoliating also helps reduce dry patches of skin and flakes.  Use an easy sugar scrub or salt scrub to exfoliate your body once a week.  For your face, try a clay mask.

2.  Not drinking enough water

Dry skin isn't the same as dehydrated skin.  Dry skin is caused from not having enough oil in your skin, and dehydrated skin doesn't have enough water.  Keeping your skin hydrated can help prevent flaky skin.  Drinking caffeine, sun exposure, and exercise can all zap moisture from your skin.  Hot showers or washing your hands often can also cause skin dehydration.  Take cool showers and limit your shower time to 5 or 10 minutes.

3.  Not using the right oils

You've probably been told that oils are bad for your skin because they clog your pores.  But not all oils work the same.  Shea butter, cocoa butter, and some essential oils can be very beneficial for your skin.  If your lips are dry, look for moisturizers with shea butter or argon oil.

4.  Using the wrong kind of moisturizer

Some commercial lotions contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin.  They may also contain inferior oils that simply can't help combat dry skin.  You don't need an expensive moisturizer, but you should look for one made especially for dry skin.  One to try is Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion.
You can also make your own with these easy lotion recipes.

Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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