DIY Sunscreen Recipe
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Skin cancer is prevalent in my family, so I won't go out without it.  I use sunscreen on my face every day, even in the winter.  I don't like using chemicals on my kids, so I set out to make my own.  It's cheaper and there are no nasty chemicals to leech in to their little bodies.  Making it is easier than you think: Just use zinc oxide powder or a zinc oxide paste like diaper rash cream!

Natural Sunscreen Recipe - This uses zinc oxide powder, but the rest of the ingredients are easy to find.  It also uses coconut oil and shea butter, both of which have natural SPF properties.  

Homemade Sunscreen - This uses beeswax, so it is thicker than other DIY sunscreen recipes.  

Nontoxic Sunscreen Recipe - This recipe uses a lotion base, so you just add the zinc oxide.  

Natural Sunscreen - This recipe gets its SPF from natural ingredients.  This is great to protect your skin from everyday sun damage, but the SPF is not high enough to protect you if you will be in the sun all day.  

Homemade Sunblock - This recipe uses zinc oxide diaper rash cream instead of zinc oxide granules.

Try this after sun tea recipe to soothe and rehydrate your skin after spending time in the sun.  If you do get a burn, this oatmeal poultice will help your skin heal.  

It is not recommended that you use these DIY sunscreen recipes if you are very prone to burning or are taking a medication that increases the risk that you will burn.  
Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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