What Temperature Should I Use to Straighten My Hair?
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My flat iron is from the days when ceramic plated ones were very expensive, and cheap ones just had a dial for the temperature.  I think it is stuck on high, so I ordered a new ceramic flat iron last night.  I read a lot of reviews and found a great deal on one with a digital temperature display.  Since I'm used to a dial, I wondered what temperature should I use to straighten my hair?

The answer depends on your hair type and thickness.  You want to use the lowest temperature that will straighten your hair with just one pass.  Try not to make more than one pass through each strand because it can cause serious damage to your hair over time.

These are general guides to help you find the perfect temperature for your hair.  You might need a higher or lower temperature.

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What temperature should I use to straighten my hair?

Fine or damaged hair - 300 degrees
Normal hair - 300-380 degrees
Thick, course, or very curly hair 350-400 degress

Both of these ceramic flat irons have great reviews, and both are priced great.  I ordered the purple one because...well, because it is purple!

Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

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