What You Need To Make Natural Beauty Recipes
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Making natural beauty products is a lot of fun.  Not only is it cheaper to make your own, but you know exactly what is in the product.  And more importantly, you know what is not.  Many people want to make their own beauty products because they want to use natural ingredients and leave out chemicals and other products for their own safety.  I also like the fact that I can use the ingredients that work best for my skin and hair for a custom product instead of using products that aren't right for my needs.

I've been making bath and beauty products for 11 years now, and there are some products that I just can't live without.  I use these to make sugar scrubs, lotions, and soap, so they are very versatile.  I'm not a big fan of clutter, so I don't buy things that only serve one purpose unless it's absolutely necessary.

what you need to make natural beauty products

What You Need to Make Natural Beauty Products

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Look for heat resistant glass bowls.  You'll want a variety of sizes, but make sure you have two small bowls and at least one medium bowl.  Glass works best because chemicals in plastic can leech in to your recipes.  Also, some ingredients can react with metal, so avoid using metal.


Some recipes call for liquid measurements, and some ask you to weigh the ingredients.  You'll want glass cups and utensils to measure.  I microwave melt and pour soap often, so I have microwave safe glass.  I have a dedicated set of measuring cups just for making my recipes.
Some recipes require you to weigh your ingredients.  I use a simple kitchen scale.

Stainless Steel Saucepan

You will want to avoid aluminum because some herbs and ingredients can react with the metal.  Stainless steel is an affordable option that will be safe for making your natural beauty recipes.  When you're shopping, look for a saucepan that will hold your 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup or a mason jar for a double boiler if you don't want to buy a separate one.  Just remember not to put the glass on direct heat.  I use a canning jar ring to elevate the glass.

Double Boiler

Most recipes call for a double boiler.  If you don't have one, you can make one with a heat resistant glass bowl sitting on a trivet in a medium or large saucepan.  If you plan to melt beeswax or butters often, then consider a double boiler because it is easier to use.


You'll want to use wooden utensils because plastic can melt and leech chemicals in to your concoctions.

I also use a stick blender to blend some recipes right in the bowl.  It's easier to use and easier to clean than using my stand mixer.


I use a coffee grinder to grind nuts and other items for my recipes. I find that this is a necessary tool and works better than a food processor or blender. You may also find that a dedicated coffee grinder and blender will be helpful for other ingredients.

For herbs, I use a mortar and pestle.  I just have a small one because I usually make small batches.

You don't need to buy all of these when you get started.  I didn't get a double boiler until I knew that I would be making my own recipes often.  You may already have some of the tools, and you can reuse them.  Since you are not using chemicals, it is generally safe to use the tools you use to prepare food.
Use your best judgement because some ingredients are safe for topical use but are harmful when ingested.
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