Cuticle Cream Recipe
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I have seriously dry skin, and my cuticles get dry and crack during the winter.  Not only is it unsightly, but bacteria can get in the small cuts and lead to infection.  I found this recipe years ago, and it is the only thing that heals my cracked hands and rough cuticles.  As a bonus, it is easy to make.  It also helps heal cracked heals and dry skin anywhere else on your body.


1 ounce beeswax
1 ounce shea butter
1 ounce sweet almond oil (you can also use olive oil)


1.  Melt beeswax in a double boiler.  Pellets melt faster than a big chunk, but a chunk of beeswax works just as well in the final recipe.
2.  Add shea butter and let melt while stirring.
3.  Add oil and stir well.  Remove from heat.
4.  Pour in to containers and let cool before capping.

I like to use chapstick tubes because this makes a harder lotion.  It does melt on contact with your skin, so it is gentle to use.

I leave it unscented and reserve one tube just for my lips.

When I sold bath and body products, I sold tons of this stuff.  I still have people ask for it, so I do make it a few times a year for friends and family and, of course, myself.

Cari Dunn
Cari Dunn

Cari lives on a small farm with her husband, three kids, two dogs, two cats, and a goat. She loves coffee, Gilmore Girls, her chihuahua, and her kids, but not in that order.