Are All-Natural Products Really Better?
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All-natural products are the latest craze in hair and skin products. From natural dyes to natural shampoos and styling products, you may wonder if they are really worth the hype. You will pay more for natural versions of the same product, but are they really worth the high cost? That depends on why you want to use them.

Are All-Natural Products Really Better?

Skin Irritation

Natural ingredients can cause skin irritation just like synthetic ingredients. Just because an ingredient came from nature doesn't mean it won't cause irritation. Some plant-based ingredients cause irritation for everyone (think poison ivy), and others cause irritation for only some people.


Often, companies promote a single ingredient in a product to help with a specific problem. Oatmeal, for example, is a natural remedy for dermatitis, but other ingredients work just as well, even if they are not directly derived from nature.

If you want to avoid all synthetic ingredients, read the label carefully. The Food and Drug Administration requires that all cosmetics available for purchase include a list of ingredients.

Environmental Impact

If you want to use all-natural products to reduce your environmental impact, these products may be right for you. Many of these products use recycled materials in their packaging, and the packaging can be recycled by the consumer when they are finished with the product. Some companies use green energy during producing, and you may want to support that cause by buying their products.


Some people's skin reacts well to natural ingredients, but others may find they cause irritation. You may notice that natural ingredients work better for you, or you may need to switch back to a regular formula to get better results. If you make the switch to natural ingredients, give it a full month before you decide if they work. However, if you experience skin irritation, discontinue use immediately.

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