Sugar Scrub Recipes for your Face, Feet, and Body
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I love sugar scrubs!  They are so easy to make, and they make your skin feel amazing.  Here is a collection of some of my favorite sugar scrub recipes.  Some are easy with just a few ingredients, and some take a little bit of prep work, but they are worth it!

Scrubs are made with an oil to moisturize your skin and something abrasive to remove dead skin cells.  Your skin is constantly shedding to make room for new skin, and the dead skin cells can make your skin look tired.

You should use one of these sugar scrub recipes once a week and no more than twice a week for healthy skin.

Making brown sugar scrub!


Easy Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Olive Oil Scrub
Whipped Pumpkin Scrub


Peppermint Foot Scrub
Lemon Foot Scrub 
Avocado Foot Scrub


Brown Sugar Scrub
Five Facial Scrub Recipes

Brown sugar is gentler than white sugar, so use brown sugar for all or part of the white sugar in a recipe if you have sensitive skin.  Generally, you can substitute any carrier oil for the oil in a recipe.  Olive oil, sweet almond oil, and other liquid oils are interchangeable.  Use a sugar scrub recipe to exfoliate about once a week or as needed.

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