Is a Ceramic Straightener Really Better?
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When I switched to a ceramic flat iron, I noticed a difference in my hair the first time I used it.  I can't believe I even owned anything else before that!  It got my hair straighter, and my style lasted longer with my new appliance.

Ceramic flat irons are more expensive than their metal counterparts, but are they really better for your hair? If you use a straightener several times a week, a ceramic one will keep your hair healthier and is easier to use than a metal flat iron. Ceramic warms up faster and distributes heat evenly, which prevents damage to your hair.

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Is a Ceramic Straightener Really Better?


Your hair has a positive charge, but ceramic releases a negative charge. The negative ions from the ceramic actually close the hair shaft, which means smoother, straighter hair. This process also helps lock moisture in your hair to prevent dry, frizzy hair.

Heat Distribution

Ceramic plates heat evenly, so the flat iron will not have hot spots. These hot spots can cause serious damage to your hair by overheating it. When plates have hot and cold spots, that means some of your hair is at risk for being damaged but other parts do not get straight. When this happens, you will have to make more than one pass through each strand, which further damages your hair and takes more time. Better heat distribution also means the appliance heats up faster. Most ceramic flat irons heat up within seconds, so you can quickly get your hair done without waiting for the straightener to heat up.

Smooth Plates

Ceramic plates are smoother than metal plates. As you pass the appliance through your hair, uneven plates can snag and pull on your hair, which breaks your hair. Over time, this can cause serious damage to your hair.

Ceramic Coating

Since ceramic is fragile, most flat irons sold are ceramic coated. All ceramic plates are very expensive and only used in high-end salons. Ceramic coating over metal plates gives you the benefits of a ceramic appliance with an affordable price and more durability.

On a budget?  This HSI flat iron has been priced great for several months.

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