7 Rules for Blue Eyeshadow
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The blue eyeshadow trend has come and gone since the Victorian era when blue signified an innocent and weak heart. Over the years, we have seen many shades of blues and different ways to wear this look. To look your best, follow these rules to wear blue hues on your eyes.

1. Not every girl can wear blue.

Women with fair skin and platinum blond or black hair, brown-eyed girls, and dark-skinned women look best wearing blue. Blue eyes and shadow does not always look the best, but since it is a popular color choice, you may be able to pull it off if you apply it right.

7 Rules for Blue Eyeshadow

2. Blend

Invest in a good eyeshadow brush to blend bright eyeshadows. For a modern look, put dark blue eyeshadow near your lashes and use complimentary colors for the rest of your eye. For glamour, sweep a light blue all over your lids and use metallic skin tones under your brows to highlight.

3. Create shadows with light and dark

Use a lighter shade for all over color. Use the dark color only in the crease to highlight.

4. Lay low

Keep dark blue close to your lashes. Dark colors close to your brows make your eyes recede.

5. Liner

Black eyeliner with blue eyes is to harsh, so soften it up and make your eyes pop with indigo or navy.

6. Choose light makeup for your face

If you make your eyes pop with blue eyeshadow, go for a natural look on the rest of your face. Use lip gloss or a sheer lipstick so your eyes pop.

7. Don't match

No matter what color shadow you wear, avoid matching your eyes to your clothes. You want your makeup to compliment your clothes and not compete for attention.

Do you wear blue eyeshadow?

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