Gym Bag Essentials

Once I get in to a routine, I can't stop.  If I stop, I know that I won't start again.  I'm a creature of habit I guess.  I can't let anything stop my gym routine because I know it's so important for my health.   I have different bags packed for different things, and I always have one packed for the gym.  If I suddenly get an open spot in my schedule, I want to be ready to go or to stop in while I'm out and about.  Here are my gym bag essentials that I always have with me so I'm prepared.   

Gym Bag Essentials

Hair Ties

I almost always have my hair down, so I always have hair ties or clips to keep my hair back.  I always have a bunch of those because we all know how they walk off and get lost.


I use this before and after working out.  Even though I come home to grab a shower, I still have to smell myself on the way home!

U By Kotex

Remember when I said that I have to stick with my routine?  I can't take a few days off for my period.  I don't want embarrassing leaks, so that's why I always use U By Kotex.  Right now, you can get 15% off U by Kotex at Target with this Cartwheel offer.  

Water Bottle

I always keep a water bottle in my bag, even if I already have one for the day.  

Dry Shampoo

With my curly hair, I don't like to take a shower at the gym.  I come home to get a shower, but there are some times that I have to stop at the store after the gym.  I use dry shampoo to absorb some of the sweat.


Again, to freshen up a little bit.  I have wipes for my face, and I also use SweetSpot Labs on the go wipes.  SweetSpot Labs also has a 15% off Cartwheel at Target offer right now too.  

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